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Data logging deep dive and mediscan

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Software details

The software interrogates the interface every second for the pressure data and records any change along with a time stamp in the database. The database is automatically archived at midnight every day and a one hour overlap is automatically added to each 24 hour file to provide data continuity. The depth information is presented numerically and graphically on screen.

Hardware Details

Interface specifications

Data conversion resolution: 16bits
Input range: 0 to 25mA
Conversion accuracy: 0.1% or better
Number of channels: 8
Isolation: 3000VDC
Transmitter loop power: 24VDC, each channel is individually protected with resettable fuses
Data output: Ethernet through RJ45 connector
Power supply: 90 to 260VAC medical grade switcher
Enclosure: Polycarbonate size 26cm x 18cm x 10cm

PC specifications

Minimum specification: P4 with 512MB RAM and 100GB storage; one
Ethernet port:1024×768 graphics.
Operating system: Windows XP or XP Embedded; Windows 7

We can supply a touch screen panel mount PC with SSD complete with Windows XP Embedded and DiveScan preloaded on an SD card.

Please Note: An uninterruptible power supply should be used to guarantee continued operation of the system without loss of data.

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